Facebook badges

Turns out those Facebook badges are extremely lame. I thought I would like having a Facebook badge in the right column of this web page, containing my profile picture, my current status, and my network(s). Maybe you’ve seen them on other people’s blags and web pages. I got the idea from Timoguapo van Swanson at movementarian.com. I created a Facebook badge (the link for which is near the bottom of the left column of your Facebook profile page), copied the HTML code it gave me, and pasted it where I wanted it in my sidebar.php WordPress file.

There are two problems with the Facebook badge. First, your whole status can’t even fit in the damn badge unless it is particularly short. And, I mean, statuses can’t even be that long to begin with, so Facebook already knows the maximum number of characters a status can contain, so why can’t they write the damn code to allow the badge to accommodate any status in full? Second, and far more important, the badge is just a static picture that never changes on its own. It’s like a snapshot or a screen grab. It doesn’t communicate with Facebook or update itself every time you log in. It displays the picture and status that it contained when you first created it, always. If you change your profile picture, status, or any other information you chose to include in your badge, you have to create a new badge and re-paste the HTML where it belongs, if you want your badge to reflect your current Facebook information. I personally wouldn’t want a badge that didn’t do so. I can insert a JPEG and text into a PHP file on my own. So I’m not really clear on the point of Facebook badges. I removed mine. They’re just stupid.

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