Hammer pants

WRIF-Detroit had MC Hammer in studio this morning. He’s performing in a concert with 2 Live Crew and someone else at the Detroit Fox Theater this week, possibly for charity. If you’re asking, “What, is the charity for MC Hammer’s livelihood?” well, no, apparently he’s actually a pretty successful businessman and public speaker. Maybe that’s why his music fell off in quality so fast: he was more concerned with the business and marketing than the creative side of things.

At the end of the interview someone mentioned that Hammer pants are making a comeback, mainly with girls and young women, and they wondered if he got a cut of those profits or any royalties or anything like that. He said, no, but he does benefit indirectly because it’s free advertising for him. (Thankfully, he is not entitled by our ludicrous legal system to any royalties for the “intellectual property” in Hammer pants.)

So I had to see what this was about, and Google tells me that, yes, indeed, Hammer pants are making a comeback! Maybe this means Randall Munroe’s dream is on the verge of coming true!

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