Board games, card games, and computers

Hmm, that could be the title of a long and fascinating post. Instead, I’ll give you some links that are pretty interesting.

Have you heard of the ancient Chinese strategy board game, Go? It might remind of you of chess or checkers at first, as it takes place on a board with a grid, but it is thousands of times more complex. How complex is it, John? It’s so complex that the number of possible unique games of Go exceeds the number of atoms in the universe.

I was reminded of Go from this article about games that computers have already perfected or will become unbeatable at in the foreseeable future.

Also, see this fascinating article on quantum computing and online poker. I am not the least bit interested in poker of any kind&#8212watching, playing, or reading about it&#8212but this article is really interesting because it’s about some of the wonders and curiosities of quantum computing, which is sure to revolutionize our world if not permit computers to become self-aware and attack humans with endless movie sequels.

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