Weight racks

I am astonished at the disorder wrought in the weight rooms of the University of Michigan gyms by the students who go there. Hardly anybody puts their dumbbells back in their designated places! They just put them in any open holder! WTF is wrong with these people? It’s been this way since before I got here. In the Ramsey Center, the University of Georgia’s gym, I recall very few instances of dumbbells being put back in a place that was nowhere near where they belonged. In fact, from what I remember, the weights were always in their designated spots, every time I wanted to use them. Maybe a 40 got put back in the 45’s spot occasionally, but I don’t remember it. They were always in the right places, in the right order. Not here. They’re just all over. Pairs of dumbbells of the same weight aren’t even necessarily next to each other. You have to search around the room for two of the same weight half the time. Just terrible.

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