My 10k day

Today is my 10k day: the 10,000th day of my life. I guess that’s almost as special as being born on the 4th of July. I was planning on it being a 5k and 10k day: run in the 5k road race that usually takes place in downtown Ann Arbor on July 4, and then go out and celebrate with my friends for Independence Day and my 10k day. But since there was no 5k this year and I don’t feel like celebrating lately, I didn’t bother.

If you want to find out your 10k day, go here. Sorry if yours has already passed (Kelly).

Last Fourth of July weekend was one of my favorite weekends I can remember. July 4 was a Friday, so it was a three-day weekend, and I didn’t have to go in to lab a single time. My girlfriend and roommate were both gone for the whole weekend, so I had no obligations and no disturbances. I ran a pretty good time in the 5k, and then came home and veged out in my bedroom and living room for three days. I remember watching about 10 or 15 episodes of season 1 of the X-Files. That doesn’t seem like the most summer-holiday-ish type of thing to watch, but I had gotten the first two seasons for Christmas and birthday and decided I might as well go ahead and put them to their intended use, so I thoroughly enjoyed those episodes all weekend. It was just glorious all around.

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