Spell your name like a man

Apparently I missed the memo that said males who want to go by Jamie should spell it like that instead of Jaime. When did this happen? I’m pretty sure every boy or man I encountered during my youth who went by that nickname spelled it “Jaime.” A friend of mine in middle school and high school went by Jaime, and I’m sure I saw it spelled that way in books or newspapers or television when it was a boy’s or a man’s name. Jamie was the way you spelled a girl’s name. We watched a corny made-for-Spanish-classes miniseries in 9th grade, La Catrina, centering on a high-schooler from L.A. named Jamie Gonzalez who travels to Mexico for a summer study-abroad program. Her host family is confused when they meet her at the bus depot because they misread the name as “Jaime” (HY-may), leading them to assume they were hosting a Hispanic-American boy.

I know a Spanish name doesn’t have to be transcribed perfectly into its English counterpart, but, seriously…am I the only one who’s surprised and confused at all these men out there who go by Jamie? Jamie Kennedy was the first one, which I thought was weird. Then I discovered WSB radio reporter Jamie Dupree spelled it like that. And Jamie Foxx. Where are all the Jaimes?! I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!

Jessie, too. I swear to God, Buddha, and the Flying Spaghetti Monster, I saw a man’s name somewhere on the internet spelled Jessie.

People, please. Spell your name like a man. If it ends in -ie or -i, it is girly.

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