The G.I. Joe movie is INCREDIBLY lame

I’ve only seen the preview, but that’s all you need to determine that:

Let’s see, what in this trailer exposes the movie as the over-priced suck-fest that it is? “We have never faced a threat like this. A team is being assembled. They are the best operatives in the world. When all else fails, we don’t.” Obligatory military babe who is the movie’s sex symbol. World monuments crashing down. Obligatory shots of the individual members of this crack team of operatives, followed by obligatory shot of all of them walking shoulder-to-shoulder towards the camera. Most of the trailer is quick shots of action scenes and explosions. And, HALF OF THE TRAILER IS IN SLOW-MOTION. When I saw this preview in the theater, I had no idea what movie it was for and had no inkling that the G.I. Joe movie was coming out so soon. I had already formed an opinion about what a crappy movie it was going to be, and the name-brand that appeared at the end did nothing to dispel that notion.

It is like a Michael Bay movie, but more so. I would say it might be worth 50 cents at the dollar theater, but then when you consider it will take up 2 hours of your life, it’s not worth it anymore.

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