Outer Limits: “Tribunal”

When I lived in Maryland, I caught the beginning an episode of The Outer Limits while eating lunch one lazy afternoon, and I decided to leave it on that channel to see if it struck my fancy. It was quite good, and on a whim I recently searched for some information about it, like when it was made, if that season was for sale on DVD, and if there were any other episodes made around the same time that sounded enticing. Well, I’m not going to buy any seasons of it on DVD before I buy lots of other things higher on my list, but I did find the episode on YouTube. It was called “Tribunal” and you can watch it in segments on this playlist. It’s probably well worth 45 minutes of your time: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Met8sh6w26Y&feature=PlayList&p=46BE47CCCD9E3C5D&index=22

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