Greg Giraldo is the best roaster EVER!

Ah, those Comedy Central roasts. Did you watch any of them when Comedy Central re-aired them last week? Sure, they’re not quite up to the standard of those Friars Club roasts that were broadcast in the early 2000’s, and probably not nearly as raucous and hilarious as the old ones in the ’50s and ’60s, but I like most of them. I’ve found that, other than the quality of the roasters themselves (obviously), the main thing that makes a comedy roast great to watch is the enthusiasm of the roastee. In the ones Comedy Central put on, it seemed to me that Bob Saget and Flavor Flav were just having a ball and got more of a kick out of it than any other guest of honor. That helped make those roasts the best of the bunch. Pamela Anderson and her demented sidekick Courtney Love are dense as concrete and didn’t quite seem to understand the point of a comedy roast featuring professional insult comics that would be aired on television, and it was hard to tell what Bill Shatner and Joan Rivers thought of theirs because their facial expressions rarely changed—Shatner because he was just smiling and laughing incredulously the whole time and Rivers because of her numerous plastic surgeries. (Which is kind of sad more than humorous.)

While I came to think of Jeffrey Ross as the best roaster out there after his performances in the Friars Club roasts, I think that distinction now belongs to Greg Giraldo because of his performances in the Comedy Central roasts. He’s always the first roaster and he’s always hilariously mean. My favorite of his roast jokes is the one about Brian Posehn in the Bob Saget roast:

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