Arby’s milkshakes are a lot smaller than they used to be. I got a medium jamocha milkshake yesterday (so delicious), and the size was definitely about what a small used to be. I actually spoke up and asked the lady if this was a medium, and she said yes. Another sign of an inflation- and waste-crippled economy. Things don’t just cost more, you get less.

Despite this funny Onion article, I heard Tom Clancy was somewhat intimately involved in the creation of at least some of the Tom Clancy video games. I heard he insisted on inputting his opinions and required that the games rise up to his standards before they were released. Could have been some baseless rumor spread by that damn Kelly or Bobby or something, though.

I find myself rooting against Michigan in sports now. The main sport being football, currently. I am pretty bitter and disillusioned, and even though that bitterness should be directed towards my department and my thesis committee and not necessarily the university at large, I realize this is simply the direct and open expression of feelings I’ve had for a long time: I secretly always rooted for Michigan State against Michigan in football because I usually like rooting for the underdog and I feel bad for State. They have very devoted, passionate fans and a lot of promise in their football program, but they still usually lose to Michigan. My perception of the Michigan&#8211Michigan State rivalry is very similar to the Georgia&#8211Georgia Tech rivalry, except Sparty fans love Michigan State more than they hate Michigan, whereas Tech fans hate Georgia more than they love their school. Either way I hope Notre Dame crushes them in the Big House this weekend and that Michigan State spanks them, too. One school I will never root for over Michigan, except on the occasion that it would help Georgia, is Ohio State. I’ve pretty completely purged myself of any supportive feelings for Michigan sports&#8212though they hardly ever felt genuine anyway&#8212but one thing I will gladly retain from my time as a Michigan student is my dislike of Ohio State.

The reason I despise Ohio State’s athletic program and its fans is because of events I’ve heard about from U of M students and Michigan radio personalities. I have full confidence that their stories are true. They detail the petty, hateful, downright despicable behavior of Ohio State fans. Michigan fans who drive down to Columbus for the Michigan&#8211Ohio State game regularly get their cars keyed, spray-painted, or worse&#8212just for having Michigan license plates, not University of Michigan paraphernalia of any kind. I know this is not just a bunch of hot air because in November 2006, when Ohio State and Michigan were both 11-0 and were ranked #1 and #2 and had a tremendous amount of hype leading up to their game (which was awesome), all of the rental car places in Toledo, Ohio, were completely sold out for that weekend. They were booked solid because of Michigan residents, not Ohio residents. The only way they could have committed that many cars to that many customers for that weekend is if all the Michigan fans knew of the reputation of Ohio State fans and took the precaution of renting an Ohio car because it was necessary. Also one of the undergrads I TA’ed that semester told the class that her friend who’s from Columbus but went to college at Michigan has to factor in the cost of four new tires for every trip he takes back home. His neighbors all think of him as a traitor, so one or another of them sneaks into his driveway at night when he’s home for Christmas or spring break and slashes his tires. I also heard about Columbus cops who give Michigan fans tickets for offenses they didn’t come close to committing, or maybe just pull Michigan fans over to annoy and harass them, and direct traffic at intersections in such a way as to delay maize-and-blue-clad pedestrians as much as possible. In the November 2002 game, which was held at Ohio Stadium, the OSU security people had their police dogs inspect and sniff the Michigan team when it arrived at the stadium in a way that was offensive and insulting and completely overkill, all under the guise of terrorism concerns but hardly fooling anybody. There are probably dozens of other examples of the utter classlessness of the Ohio State University, but I’ve made my point. I despise them and that will never change.

Remember that South African track star, Caster Semenya, who dominated at the world championships in Berlin last month&#8212dominated so thoroughly that she wasn’t suspected of doping, she was suspected of being male and was ordered to undergo a series of tests to confirm her sex? After the world championships, an official for the IAAF said in a press conference that Semenya would undergo a series of examinations by “an endocrinologist, a gynecologist, an internal medicine expert, an expert on gender, and a psychologist.” How insulting! I’d rather be accused of doping! But, it turns, out, she is a hermaphrodite with no womb or ovaries, and with internal testes and a Y chromosome. Ouch.

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