Okay, Scribblenauts looks pretty cool

Last night I saw a preview of the Nintendo DS game Scribblenauts on X-Play, and at first I wasn’t sure if I was watching footage of an actual game, or some demo at a convention or in the studio where the speaker was typing in words on the screen, or what. What an original, unique game concept! If I had a DS, I would get this immediately! Since I don’t have a DS, this is one more game that kind of makes me want one. It might move the DSi ahead of PS3 into second place on the list of game consoles I plan on buying.

Here are Morgan and Adam previewing and interviewing the creative director of the game.

Here is another G4 guy reviewing Scribblenauts.

Randall Munroe must be on the same brainwaves as I am recently, because today he published yet another comic with very coincidental timing related to my recent experiences.

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