Stupid NFL

Between these two NFC quarterbacks, the first of which played in a more difficult division and finished with a 10–6 record, and the second of which finished 9–7 to win his shitty division, which one would be more deserving of being selected to the Pro Bowl?

Quarterback 1 Quarterback 2
41 TD 29 TD
16 INT 16 INT
5038 yds 4933 yds
63.5% completions 61.0% completions
97.2 rating 92.9 rating

Quarterback 1 is superior in every single meaningful category, including wins, so obviously I’m writing about this because Quarterback 2 was selected to the NFC Pro Bowl team and Quarterback 1 wasn’t. Who are they? Quarterback 1 is Matthew Stafford, and Quarterback 2 is Eli Manning.

What a bunch of bullshit. The Pro Bowl rosters are currently voted on by players, coaches, and fans, so it’s probably the idiot New York fans who voted Eli Manning in. As shown nearly every year by the baseball All-Star voting at some position or another, fans are idiots and shouldn’t be allowed to vote on anything because they make it a popularity contest instead of an accomplishment contest.

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