More Simpsons trivia team names

I occasionally peruse the team names at the Woo Hoo! Classic Simpsons Trivia page because…what better way to spend my free time during my work breaks and such? Here are my recent favorites:

Uh, Dan, sir, people are becoming a bit…. confused by the way you and your co host are well, constantly holding hands

Because Woo Hoo Classic Trivia Brooklyn couldn’t exist without six white stripes, seven red stripes, and a hell of a lot of Dans!

We’re here, we’re queer, we dont want any more dans

Our theory is: Simon likes dog food!

Dan’s Moms say they’re cool. [On the night when both Dans’ parents attended]

Christmas Ape Goes to Trivia Night

Are “poo” and “ass” taken?

The Non-Giving-Up Trivia Guys

Jeremy’s I. Ron Butterfly

You Have 30 Minutes to Name Your Team. You Have 10 Minutes to Name Your Team. Your Team Has Been Impounded. Your Team Has Been Crushed Into a Cube.

A Little Team Called “Love Is” – They Are Two Naked 8 Year Olds Who Are Married

You know those trivia nights where the two Dans with annoying voices yammer back and forth? We invented those!

Dan = White, Dan = White

The story of how two Dans and five other men parlayed a small business loan into a thriving trivia concern is a long and interesting one. And here it is.

Welcome to an Evening of Trivia and Picking up After Yourselves

Harry Shearer’s Non-Union Mexican Equivalents

The Only Monster Here is the Trivia Monster Who Has Enslaved This Bar. I Call Him Trivior! And It’s Time To Snatch This Bar From His Neon Claws!

To find the Dans, I just have to think like the Dans. I’m a big trivia host wannabe and i make the same stupid jokes every month … Berry Park!

♫ I hate every Dan I see, from Dan Mulhall to Dan Ozzi. No, you’ll never make a Daniel out of me… ♫

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