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Summer miscellany

Typical Redditor: Reads seven Harry Potter books that are about love, friendship, family, innocence, loyalty, cooperation, the triumph of good over evil, the corrupting influence of power, and the good that will come to good-hearted people, and all he can … Continue reading

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Sentences I like

This is my second post about sentences I’ve encountered that struck me as very well-worded, poignant, impactful sentences that I would have been proud to write. (Here is the first post.) His teeth felt strange in his head, tiny tombstones … Continue reading

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Nice Isaac Asimov reference in The Fall of Hyperion

I just finished The Fall of Hyperion, the excellent sequel to Dan Simmons’s wondrous, life-changing Hyperion. I really loved this tip o’ the hat to Isaac Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics on page 458 of the paperback version. I don’t … Continue reading

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Quote of the day

I think it’s [“consumed”] an ugly term when applied to information. When you talk about consuming information you are talking about information as a commodity, rather than information as the substance of our thoughts and our communications with other people. … Continue reading

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The author’s intent does matter

An important lesson that most of us, I hope, learned from English class is that the most important aspect of a work of literature is how it affects us: how it makes us think of other people and our relationships … Continue reading

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Amazon vs. Barnes & Noble

It’s not hard to find people, especially book lovers, who lament the downfall of brick-and-mortar bookstores thanks to the rise to dominance of I could say “online retailers”, but let’s face it: it’s only Amazon. Barnes & Noble has … Continue reading

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The Ender quartet

I just finished reading the Ender quartet by Orson Scott Card. It is so awesome. It is kind of weird that I finished it now because I started it in my third year of college when I read Kelly’s copy … Continue reading

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