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Scientific terms list for spell-checkers/spelling dictionaries

[UPDATE: This post is out of date. Please see my static page Scientific word list for spell-checkers/spelling dictionaries for up-to-date information about these scientific word lists. I mean, the links to the files custom_scientific_US.txt and custom_scientific_UK.txt below will take you … Continue reading

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Superstitions and fetishes make for bad writing and editing

Scientific editors are a difficult group to deal with. Most of them are either bad writers or not experts on the topic they’re editing at a given time, or both. Either shortcoming often leads them to make unnecessary, unwise, or … Continue reading

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Kristen Bell was Uda Bengt?!

I was shocked and amazed to find out recently that Kristen Bell, best known as Veronica Mars, also played Uda Bengt in Rob Thomas’s other show, Party Down. I had known Kristen Bell played Veronica Mars for several years, from … Continue reading

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