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The internet is the best

Specifically, Stack Exchange is the best. I have an mp3 collection of Vivaldi’s complete works, which I acquired by…certain unspecified means, and all the mp3 files were arranged in sub-directories and sub-sub-directories, which is kind of a pain in the … Continue reading

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My (possibly) favorite episode of The Simpsons: “I Love Lisa”

If I “had” to choose a favorite episode of The Simpsons, I wouldn’t, because about five would be tied as my favorites. Off the top of my head, I’d choose “I Love Lisa”, “Twenty-Two Short Films About Springfield”, “Lemon of … Continue reading

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Farkers are antisocial, maladjusted creeps

Yet again, immediately upon ignoring my better judgment and revisiting one lazy afternoon, I was reminded why I avoid even reading its discussion threads for years at a time. By and large, its members seem to be oblivious, ignorant, … Continue reading

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Google needs to add back Google Scholar as an option to click on in Google search results

As a scientific editor whose job is to improve the grammar, language, and style of manuscripts by non-native English speakers to the level of native speakers, I experience plenty of frustration every day. But the amount of frustration broken English … Continue reading

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Disappointing Twitter accounts

Since Facebook is too boring and Reddit is too douchey and just all-around awful for anything other than funny pictures, I created a Twitter account earlier this year to follow some of the news and commentary of some people I … Continue reading

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December miscellany

My brother told me about the web page Symphony of Science, where its proprietor, John Boswell, mixes the voices of famous scientists (e.g., Carl Sagan, Michio Kaku, Richard Feynman) with an autotuner and puts them over R & B–style music. … Continue reading

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Rejected Mortal Kombat fatalities

Ahh, I don’t know why, but I found these pretty funny: rejected Mortal Kombat fatalities. Here’s the first one: Also, see the 2nd one and the 3rd one.

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The Golden Age of Video by Ricardo Autobahn

John’s new favorite video of the month (possibly of the year, after some more contemplation) is this mashup of clips from dozens of TV shows and movies edited into a catchy electro-pop music video.

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Watching the World Series at Bar Louie

When I heard that Pedro Martinez would start game 2 of the World Series for the Phillies at Yankee Stadium, I was excited to watch it, preferably with my other baseball-following friends. You can read a nice summary of Pedro’s … Continue reading

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Best technological-impairment stories

These are some of my favorite examples of technological impairment from the Parents Just Don’t Understand articles at The best ones are the ones you could never, ever make up. My mom asked to see my pictures on Facebook. … Continue reading

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10/19/09: Never forget

The only worthwhile thing that has given me in a long time is this discussion thread about this completely pointless, worthless, empty news article. This thread is comedy gold. The comments posted below the article itself were hilarious until … Continue reading

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Parents just don’t understand

Link of the day: The Parents Just Don’t Understand series from Some of the items therein are truly hilarious.

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The Ender quartet

I just finished reading the Ender quartet by Orson Scott Card. It is so awesome. It is kind of weird that I finished it now because I started it in my third year of college when I read Kelly’s copy … Continue reading

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Optical illusions and visual phenomena

Check out Michael Bach’s amazing and expansive collection of optical illusions. Some of them will undoubtedly be familiar to you from your youth, and you’ve probably also seen a couple of the more sophisticated ones on computers more recently. But … Continue reading

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Sandra Tsing Loh is a bad writer

I’ve thought of myself as a pretty good writer since I was in elementary school, having been told several times throughout my life by people worth listening to that I had a talent for it. I just haven’t had any … Continue reading

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Bush–Gore 2000 SNL debates

Here’s a blast from the past: I have these classic Bush–Gore debates from Saturday Night Live on my computer, and since NBC, in its infinite wisdom, calculated that it was in its best interest to limit its own presence on … Continue reading

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Star Trek technology isn’t “light years away”

A link on today read, “‘Star Trek’ tech isn’t light years away.” It goes to this slideshow of technological gadgets that might not be as futuristic and fantastical as we think when we see them in TV shows and … Continue reading

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Joke-ready headline

Today’s headline that needs no re-phrasing to make it into a double entendre: Hooker named Indoor Athlete of the Year

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“Definitely” doesn’t have any A’s!!!

Misspelling the word “definitely” is definitely my new pet peeve of the month. True, most of my pet peeves involve grammar or punctuation, so this is nothing special, but where did all these people get the idea all of a … Continue reading

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Facebook badges

Turns out those Facebook badges are extremely lame. I thought I would like having a Facebook badge in the right column of this web page, containing my profile picture, my current status, and my network(s). Maybe you’ve seen them on … Continue reading

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