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Farkers are antisocial, maladjusted creeps

Yet again, immediately upon ignoring my better judgment and revisiting one lazy afternoon, I was reminded why I avoid even reading its discussion threads for years at a time. By and large, its members seem to be oblivious, ignorant, … Continue reading

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Middle-schoolers are awful

My first week of middle school, I started realizing how awful middle-schoolers are as human beings in general. The boys, at least. This was mainly manifested in P.E. class, where I repeatedly saw 6th-grade boys push and shove and grab … Continue reading

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Google needs to add back Google Scholar as an option to click on in Google search results

As a scientific editor whose job is to improve the grammar, language, and style of manuscripts by non-native English speakers to the level of native speakers, I experience plenty of frustration every day. But the amount of frustration broken English … Continue reading

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That’s why God invented…

Have you ever thought about how silly most statements that begin with “That’s why God invented” are? It annoys me when people follow that phrase with something that is obviously man-made. “That’s why God invented helmets,” “That’s why God invented … Continue reading

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Anti-Hopefully crusaders are hopeless

Some of the comments to the (in)famous Mary Elizabeth Williams column that I blagged about yesterday are so stupid they practically drool. It’s a shame I didn’t read this column (or, actually, its comments) earlier, because I could have ranted … Continue reading

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Any writer who rails against sentential Hopefully and the passive voice in general is not worth listening to

Look. I sympathize with Mary Elizabeth Williams. I really do. I hate it when people misuse a word, and I hate the idea of English speakers separated by time and space meaning different things when they use the same words … Continue reading

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The author’s intent does matter

An important lesson that most of us, I hope, learned from English class is that the most important aspect of a work of literature is how it affects us: how it makes us think of other people and our relationships … Continue reading

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How to change the WordPress admin area text field/edit post font

After upgrading to WordPress version 3.3.1 recently, I was puzzled and frustrated to find that the text in the text area/entry field where you type the content of each post (the Add New Post page or /wp-admin/post-new.php) looked funky, awkward, … Continue reading

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Stupid NFL

Between these two NFC quarterbacks, the first of which played in a more difficult division and finished with a 10–6 record, and the second of which finished 9–7 to win his shitty division, which one would be more deserving of … Continue reading

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Overhaul college football overtime!

The college football overtime format is pretty stupid. It’s not as bad as the sudden-death NFL overtime format, but seriously. Both teams start in field goal range? It makes scoring way too easy. The teams should have to mount an … Continue reading

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Weight racks

I am astonished at the disorder wrought in the weight rooms of the University of Michigan gyms by the students who go there. Hardly anybody puts their dumbbells back in their designated places! They just put them in any open … Continue reading

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Bad drivers

My dad told me a few times before I ever learned to drive that 90% of driving safely is watching out for all the idiots on the road. The other 10% is not being an idiot yourself. I don’t see … Continue reading

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Food lines

I spend a fair amount of time thinking about how I could design things better than the people who designed them. One example is food lines, like you’d go through at luncheons or cookouts, for example. They’re set up poorly … Continue reading

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