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Yu Darvish and Craig Kimbrel will injure their elbows

The first thing that struck me when I saw footage of Yu Darvish pitching last year was that he uses a lot of arm to throw that hard and that his mechanics are similar to those of Kerry Wood, Mark … Continue reading

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Stupid NFL

Between these two NFC quarterbacks, the first of which played in a more difficult division and finished with a 10–6 record, and the second of which finished 9–7 to win his shitty division, which one would be more deserving of … Continue reading

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Overhaul college football overtime!

The college football overtime format is pretty stupid. It’s not as bad as the sudden-death NFL overtime format, but seriously. Both teams start in field goal range? It makes scoring way too easy. The teams should have to mount an … Continue reading

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Soccer is an inherently inferior sport

I just watched the United States women’s World Cup soccer team blow two leads against Japan and then lose in penalty kicks for the 2011 world championship. Bob Ley and everyone else covering it for ESPN were quick to point … Continue reading

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Batting gloves

A surprising proportion of people who play slow-pitch softball wear batting gloves, but I definitely prefer not to. This is in contrast to my younger, baseball-playing days, when I usually wore two batting gloves. I don’t remember exactly why; I … Continue reading

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I can’t watch NFL football anymore, or: Why Roger Goodell is a small, weak coward of a commissioner

I’ve long been more of a fan of college football than professional football, and the nullification of Calvin Johnson’s game-winning touchdown reception against the Bears according a rule and an interpretation of that rule, which everyone in the NFL is … Continue reading

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Fucking Yankees

I’m disappointed in the World Series result last night, with the Yankees winning their 27th World Series, but not as disappointed as I would have been if my team had been the one to lose to them. Not nearly as … Continue reading

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Watching the World Series at Bar Louie

When I heard that Pedro Martinez would start game 2 of the World Series for the Phillies at Yankee Stadium, I was excited to watch it, preferably with my other baseball-following friends. You can read a nice summary of Pedro’s … Continue reading

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Play of the week

An 8th-grader named Aaron Shutway made a cool basketball shot from the other end of the court. Read about it here and then see the video, which made SportsCenter: Get the latest Flash Player to see this player. [Javascript required … Continue reading

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NBA Finals are lame

I can’t stand the NBA and especially not its playoffs. It drags on forever and I don’t understand why anybody gives a crap. I know there’s a lot more to it than this, but do you know what I see … Continue reading

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Sympathetic tone and long-distance running

Last Sunday I ran in the largest road race in Michigan, the Dexter–Ann Arbor Run. All together, its three races (5k, 10k, half-marathon) have more participants than any other race in Michigan each year. I did okay, but I was … Continue reading

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Softball girls are sexy

I first saw college softball on TV five or six years ago when I was in college, and I’ve loved watching it ever since. I wish I had gone to some University of Georgia softball games when I was there, … Continue reading

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Batting stances

I saw a really neat vignette on SportsCenter a couple Sundays ago about some baseball players’ curious and unique batting stances over the years. It features interviews and demos with some retired baseball players, like Will Clark, Cal Ripken, Julio … Continue reading

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Ron Artest’s story about a table leg through the heart is totally true!

This is one of the more bizarre sports stories I’ve heard in a while. Listen to this Ron Artest interview after the Rockets&#8211Lakers playoff game, where he’s talking about the altercation he got into with Kobe Bryant and the physical, … Continue reading

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Joke-ready headline

Today’s headline that needs no re-phrasing to make it into a double entendre: Hooker named Indoor Athlete of the Year

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Expensive running shoes are a waste of money and make us injury-prone

So claims one Christopher McDougall in a new book, Born To Run. The book was largely inspired by his discovrery of the Tarahumara indians of Mexico, a reclusive tribe populated by the greatest long-distance runners in the world. Read Random … Continue reading

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Quote of the day

“I said I believed in drug testing a long time ago. All through the sixties I tested everything.” &#8212Bill “Spaceman” Lee, former Red Sox and Expos pitcher

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They cheated!

The internet ruins radio trivia contests. Most radio trivia contests are sports-related, I guess, and most answers can be looked up with Google. You don’t know if the winner is the first caller who happened to know (or guess) the … Continue reading

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