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My (possibly) favorite episode of The Simpsons: “I Love Lisa”

If I “had” to choose a favorite episode of The Simpsons, I wouldn’t, because about five would be tied as my favorites. Off the top of my head, I’d choose “I Love Lisa”, “Twenty-Two Short Films About Springfield”, “Lemon of … Continue reading

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More Simpsons trivia team names

I occasionally peruse the team names at the Woo Hoo! Classic Simpsons Trivia page because…what better way to spend my free time during my work breaks and such? Here are my recent favorites: Uh, Dan, sir, people are becoming a … Continue reading

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My favorite Simpsons trivia team names

I’ve wasted several hours this week reading through the names of teams at the classic Simpsons trivia nights that are held in certain restaurants in Chicago, Vancouver, Brooklyn, Toronto, and Hamilton, Ontario. Many of them are hilariously clever. Naturally, I … Continue reading

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Probability problem from Star Trek: The Next Generation

In the first episode of season 7 of Star Trek: TNG, “Descent, part II”, a certain character (no spoilers from me!) tells another character that a medical experiment has a 60% chance of failing, meaning it will kill the subject. … Continue reading

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Summer miscellany

Typical Redditor: Reads seven Harry Potter books that are about love, friendship, family, innocence, loyalty, cooperation, the triumph of good over evil, the corrupting influence of power, and the good that will come to good-hearted people, and all he can … Continue reading

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Sub rosa

There is a fairly strange episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, from the last season, called “Sub Rosa”, that I only saw for the first time sometime in college, in which Beverly Crusher is basically seduced by this spirit … Continue reading

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Klaus has destroyed my enjoyment of The Vampire Diaries

Which is to say, the writers have. The main problem with writing about the CW show The Vampire Diaries is that it constitutes a public admission that I watch the show. But I might not be watching much longer. It’s … Continue reading

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In praise of highly serial television shows

When I was in high school, planning to go to college to major in something scientific (it ended up being Genetics), I remember thinking that college English classes and Literature classes didn’t reward writing that (only) got to the point, … Continue reading

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