Kelly’s funny

There were two instances from college that demonstrate Kelly’s great sense of humor. First, in January of our freshman year, our RA Jon Harvey called a hall meeting to catch up with everyone at the beginning of the new semester, allow everyone to re-introduce themselves to their hall mates, make sure everyone was still living there who was supposed to, etc. So we gathered in the study room and took turns saying our names and one interesting thing we did over Christmas break. Kelly’s was awesome: “I discovered the secret to cold fusion, but I’m not going to tell anyone because I’m bitter.” What made that even more fantastic was that he said it with a completely straight face. No smile, no other expression, no nothing. It was impressive.

Second, the best section of Kelly’s website, Ask Kel, was basically a forum where Austin and I would ask Kelly stupid questions to which he would try to come up with funny answers. One time during our third year of college Austin submitted the question, “How would I go about creating a static warp bubble?” Kelly’s answer was something like, “Well, first, Austin, you have to&#8212coolant leak! We got a coolant leak in sector 12!” Ha! Star Trek humor! I’m sure Geordi Laforge has said almost those exact words on at least one occasion!